Workplace Policies in the Social Media Age: a User Manual

From law firm Fenwick & West, a comprehensive review of the issues facing employers in today’s digital workplace. There’s something for everyone – and every situation – in this 129-page update, from background searches to employee privacy to the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act:

“Given the mobility of electronic information, the stakes keep getting higher [for employers]. Employees have access to, and are the gatekeepers of, trade secrets and other sensitive and confidential information. There are now many more ways that key information can be compromised, lost or stolen. The author typically parses the risks into three key categories, namely: 1) unintentional disclosures via loss, theft or hacking; 2) inadvertently harmful intentional disclosures; and 3) intentionally harmful intentional disclosures such as those on Wikileaks.

“We live in an era when the universe of communication platforms is ever-expanding. The advent of Web 2.0 and User-Generated content – blogs, wikis, social networking sites and microblogging sites such as Twitter – has forged a brave new world. In this context, a single negligent or malicious employee can cause truly irreparable harm.”

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