Retirement Plans: What Sponsors and Advisors Need to Know

Today’s post brings together some of the collected writings of ERISA attorney Ary Rosenbaum, who regularly dispatches advice to plan sponsors, fund managers, and other advisors covering all aspects of retirement plans and pension funds. 

As you consider (or, for that matter, help to administrate) a retirement plan in your company, consider the following: 

»  Why Retirement Plan Sponsors Shouldn’t Only Focus on Low Fees

»  What Retirement Plan Sponsors Need To Do About The New Fee Disclosure Regulations

»  The Top Ten Major Misconceptions Plan Sponsors Have About Retirement Plans

»  The Need for Plan Sponsors to “Tune-Up” their Retirement Plans

»  A Retirement Plan Sponsor’s Guide for Choosing a Financial Advisor

»  The Changing Definition of Plan Fiduciary and Why Plan Sponsors Should Care

»  How Plan Sponsors should Select and Review their Retirement Plan Providers

»  Why Retirement Plans Need A Financial Advisor

»  Multiple Employer Retirement Plans: The Truth, The Rumors, and Buying in Bulk

»  12 Basic Retirement Plan Concepts That Every Financial Advisor Should Understand

»  The Top 10 Major Misconceptions That Financial Advisors Have About The Retirement Plan Business

»  Financial Advisors Need to Value the Art of Retirement Plan Design

»  Why Retirement Plan Providers Need to Stay Ahead of the Curve


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