Most Popular Small Business Posts – Feb 2012

For your (re)reading pleasure, a roundup of the top 10 most-read posts from last month, on social media in business, forming and structuring companies, labor and employment issues, financing a company, drafting contracts, reducing taxes, and … the federal ban on cell phone use by commercial drivers:

1.Social Media in Business: 8 Steps to Legal Compliance

“Ready or not, your business’ online presence is becoming an integral part of your marketing plan, business strategy, and human resources program. To successfully navigate the legal and regulatory issues that govern the use of social media by your company and your employees, consider these eight recommendations for social media compliance.” Read the full update»

2.Starting a Small Business? Remember These 10 Essential Steps

“Thinking of starting a business? These updates will help. For your reference, ten essential steps in planning, structuring and managing your new company, from lawyers and law firms on JD Supra.” Read the full update»

3.7 Employment Law “Hot Buttons” for Small Business – A Legal Roundup

“The landscape of employment laws evolves quickly, and entrepreneurs and small business owners are often left scrambling to understand new rules and implement new procedures. To reduce the stress, read these legal updates on seven employment law “hot buttons” that should be on the radar screen of every small business.” Read the full update»

4.Legal Contracts: 6 Drafting Tips for Small Businesses

“If you own or manage a business, you’re likely to have entered into contracts with employees, vendors, consultants, renters and landlords, banks and other financial institutions, insurers, and, of course, customers and clients. To help prevent your agreements from getting you into the wrong kind of bind, here are six tips on drafting legal contracts.” Read the full update»

5.It’s Valentine’s Day – Do You Know What Your Employees Are Doing?

“When office romances end – and most of the time they do – employers have more to worry about than angry coworkers going through a breakup. Employers can face a slew of related allegations: creating a hostile working environment, violating employee privacy, allowing and / or being a party to sexual harassment, among others. Just in time to temper your Valentine’s Day buzz, here are five tips for employers on managing workplace romances.” Read the full update»

6.Federal Rule Bans Cell Phone Use by Commercial Drivers: 4 Things You Should Know

“In late November, the Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration published a final rule that places significant restrictions on commercial drivers who use the phone while driving. As of January 3, 2012, drivers of commercial motor vehicles may no longer use handheld devices at the wheel. For your reference, four things you should know about the ban.” Read the full update»

7.Crowdfunding & Startup Capital: A Look at Legislative Initiatives to Ease Restrictions

“In November 2011, the House of Representatives passed the Entrepreneur Access to Capital Act, which would ease restrictions on startups and emerging growth companies that seek to raise capital through crowdfunding. The Senate version of the bill appears to be stalled for the time being, primarily over concerns that less regulation does not adequately protect investors from fraud, but proponents of crowdfunding believe that some version of the bill will pass.” Read the full update»

8.8 Small Business Tax Law Changes That Could Help You Save More

“The Small Business Jobs Act and the Tax Relief Act (both of 2010) might be more than a year old, but they can still help small business owners save money on their 2011 taxes. For your reference, here are eight changes from those laws that you should consider when preparing and filing your business return.” Read the full update»

9.Social Media Law: Workplace Issues, Privacy & Data Collection, Electronic Discovery, & More…

“For your reference, a roundup of recent social media law updates and news on JD Supra.” Read the full update»

10.Funding a Small Business: 7 Financing Sources to Consider

“Bank loans, crowdfunding, venture capital, and more: entrepreneurs looking to start and grow their businesses have multiple options. In the end, however, there are only two kinds of money: debt, which is borrowed, and equity, which is traded for ownership of the company. To help you determine which is right for your company, here’s a look at seven small business funding sources.” Read the full update»


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