Leave Policies: Requiring Medical Justification for Absences May Violate the ADA

Thanks to a recent Federal Court ruling, leave policies that require written justification from an employee’s doctor in support of an absence may soon become a thing of the past, writes international law firm White & Case:

“In EEOC v.Dillard’s Inc., the Court held that Dillard’s attendance policy violated the federal Americans with Disabilities Act because it required any health-related absence to be supported by a doctor’s note stating ‘the nature of the absence (such as migraine, high blood pressure, etc…)’… The Court held that the attendance policy was an impermissible disability-related inquiry because it required employees to disclose their underlying medical conditions. As the Court stated, ‘[this] invites intrusive questioning into the employee’s medical condition, and tends to elicit information regarding an actual or perceived disability.’”

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