Google Plus Pages for Small Business: Read These Posts

Google Plus is now literally open for business with a new Business Page offering, announced late yesterday.

We’ve been following the buzz with interest. For your reference, here are five quick links we think worth a read to help you make sense of G+ Pages for Small Biz. Drop us a line if you know others:

1. Google Plus Pages for Small Business Marketing (by Tara Jacobsen at Marketing Artfully)

2. Google Plus Launches Pages for Business (by Fiona McEachran at Abnormal Marketing)

3. What a Google+ Brand Page Could Mean for Your Small Business (by Lou Dubois at Inc.)

4. Google Plus for Business: 3 Reasons to Get Excited (by Andrew Cherwenka at Huffington Post)

5. The #1 Google Plus Page Must-do for Website SEO (by Chad Pollitt at Business 2 Community)

Others as they come in:

6. Yes, You Will Need a Google Plus Page For Your Business. No, You Don’t Need To Panic. (by Fran Irwin)

7. Wow! Google’s New Move Makes Pages and Badges Essential for SEO (by Kimberly Castleberry at Just Ask Kim)

Does JD Supra have a page? Thank you for asking! Of course we do:

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