5 Facebook Business Pages Every Entrepreneur Should Follow

Sir Francis Bacon coined the phrase “Knowledge is power” and while his meaning was a little more nuanced than how we apply it today, nonetheless we all agree: what you know can make all the difference, can give you the professional edge you need to succeed. In your life as an entrepreneur call it: business intelligence.

We suspect Sir Francis would have liked Facebook – and we think you should LIKE these 5 Facebook pages that bring professionals a dose of valuable business intelligence every day:

1. Business Law

Clearinghouse for updates and daily guidance from leading law firms covering all aspects of business: startup issues, workplace privacy, employee rights, employer responsibilities, other HR issues, taxes, copyrights and trademarks, social media, compliance, business formation, and much more. LIKE»

[Recent Biz Law update: Business Basics – Read the Contract!]

2. Social Media Law

Updates “at the intersection of social media and the law” – which translates: legal updates about the myriad issues raised by social media in the workplace. You’d be surprised…LIKE»

  [Recent SocMed Law update: Interfering with Employee Speech]

3. Intellectual Property Law

Timely updates from the challenging world of business patents, patent reform, trolls, basic copyrights and trademark issues, and other IP-related information. LIKE»

[Recent IP Law update: Copyright: Some Recent Cases You Should Know About]

4. Labor & Employment Law

A daily source for legal updates covering all HR and related workplace issues: privacy, employee rights, social media usage, benefits, wage and hour disputes, employer responsibilities, and so forth. LIKE»

[Recent Empl. Law update: Do We Have to Pay Employees for Checking E-Mail Outside of Work?]

5. Insurance Law

If you’re serious about business, you should always make it a policy to know what insurance you’ll likely face. (Business. Insurance. Policy. Get it?) Ok, apologies: you’ve read this far and deserve better, but these puns come at a premium. Sorry! No more. LIKE»

[Recent Insurance Law update: Staying Current on Insurance Issues Confronting Nonprofit]

BTW, did you know that Bacon was, among other things, a lawyer?

We’ll see you on Facebook!

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