Doc of the Day: Facebook’s Settlement with the FTC is a Wake Up Call for Businesses

Let that be a lesson to you… Sheppard Mullin’s analysis of the Federal Trade Commission’s recent settlement with Facebook (and those with Google and ScanScout) provides a valuable reminder that the FTC is looking closely at privacy policies, and punishing companies that don’t practice what they preach:

“The Federal Trade Commission (‘FTC’) is working hard to make sure consumers are not being misled about how websites and social networking sites are using their personal information. Companies that do not follow their own privacy policies are finding themselves the subject of FTC complaints. It is therefore even more important for businesses to review and update their ‘privacy policy,’ ‘terms of use,’ and other legal agreements on their websites.”

A sensible New Year’s resolution, wouldn’t you say? Read the entire update, Facebook’s Settlement With the FTC is a Wake Up Call for Businesses to Review and Update Their Website Privacy Policy and Agreements, from Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP»