3 Videos Every Business Owner Should Watch

For your reference, here are three excellent video advisories by leading law firms, of interest to any business owner, entrepreneur, manager, or the like:

On Data Privacy & Security

Loeb & Loeb LLP attorneys Seth Rose and Jim Taylor provide insights into what companies can do to mitigate the risk of litigation in the areas of data security and data privacy:

[Video: Data Security – Media MindShare Thought Leadership Series II by Loeb & Loeb LLP]

On Employee Background Checks

Sands Anderson employment litigator Annemarie Cleary explains how certain background checks on job applicants can leave a company open to charges of discrimination and bias:

[Video: Be Careful With Background Checks, by Sands Anderson PC]

On Being Sued

Los Angeles-based litigator Scott Leipzig (at Allen Matkins) describes five things to consider when your business is served with a lawsuit:

[Video: 5 Things to Consider When You Are Served with a Lawsuit by Allen Matkins]

Additional videos available throughout JD Supra Law News channels»