Monthly Archives: October 2011

Social Media in the Workplace: Lawyers Sound Off

“Every human resources staff member knows that, especially when interviewing a potential new employee, some topics are strictly off limits. Asking one of these ‘off limits’ questions can put your company at serious risk of being sued for discrimination. The trouble is, by resorting to the use of social media, this kind of ‘off limits’… Read more »

Startup Issues: 2 Legal Reminders for All Entrepreneurs

Two noteworthy updates on the JD Supra network today, important reminders for any entrepreneur facing the myriad issues (legal and otherwise) that come with building a viable business. [Spoiler alert: choose your business entity wisely and make sure your operating agreements are in order…] 1. 12 Reasons for A Startup Not To Be An LLC… Read more »

IRS Voluntary Classification Settlement Program: the Jury Is Still Out…

“The [Voluntary Worker Classification Settlement Program] does not, however, relieve employers of liability under state tax laws, workers’ compensation laws, federal or state wage and hour laws (overtime, minimum wage, meal breaks, termination payouts, etc.), ERISA, or other employment laws.” The benefits (and risks) of participating in the Internal Revenue Service’s new Voluntary Classification Settlement… Read more »